You Sleep Well at Night

Lynching-Jim Crow-Chattel Slavery-Free Labor-Death-Small Pox-Tuskegee Experiment-Prison Industrial Complex-Sharecropping-Red Lining-White Flight-Block Busting-Segregation-Stolen Africans-Raped Black and Indigenous Women-Name Change-Middle Passage-Trail of Tears-Hiroshima-English-Spanish-Dutch-French-Amerika-KKK-Domestic Terrorism-Gentrification-CONTRA-War-Stolen Wealth-Religion Misunderstood-White Jesus-Missionaries-Mis-Education-Schools-Confederate Statues-Race Riots-Propaganda-Mass Media-Exploitation-AIDS-HIV-Crack-Great Migration-Church bombings-Separation of Black Children and Parents for Four Hundred Years-Legacy-Medical Racism-Slave Patrol-Police Brutality-Nazi-Martin Luther King Jr.-Medgar Evers-Malcom X-Nelson Mandela-Angela Davis-Che Guevara-Wall Street-Unapproved Loans for Qualified Black customers-Higher Interest Rates-Job Discrimination-School to prison pipeline-CIA-FBI-First Illegal Immigrants (Christopher Columbus and his crew)-Original Baby Daddy-Original Deadbeat Daddy-Nigger-Race-Racism-Sexism-Democrat-Republican-Independent-Guns-Politics-Whitewashed Stories and History-HBCUs-Brown vs The Board of Education-Roe vs Wade-NFL-Hip hop-No Universal Healthcare in America-Pollution-Environmental Racism-Foster Care-Over fishing-Hunting and Killing endangered species-3/5 human-Coups-Puppet Presidents-US Presidents-Unfair Sentencing-Voter Suppression-Christopher Columbus-Tainos-Mayans-Ghettos-Hoods-Rust Belt-Tax Reform-Deregulating of Banks-Union Busting-Ronald Regan-Welfare Queen-Bull Connor-Whistle While You Work-Minstrel Shows and Movies-GI Bill-New Deal-Tulsa Oklahoma-Rosewood FL-Central Park-Chicago Public Housing-I Can’t Breathe-Tamir Rice-Obama-Banana Republic-Sandinistas-Tupac Amaru (Peru)-Cuba-Central America-South America-Australia-Hawaii-Alaska-Contiguous United States-One Drop Rule-Eugenics-Colorism-Good vs Bad Hair (Pelo malo)-Mejorar la Raza (Advanced the race)-Patriarchy-Panama Canal-Palenque, Colombia-Haitian Revolution-French Colonial Taxes (West Africa)-Xenophobia-Haiti Reparations to France-Rafael Trujilo-Interstate Highways in the US-Woodrow Woodson-The Birth of Nation-General Hernandez Martinez (El Salvador)-Nagaski-Gold-Blood Diamonds-Privatized Prisons-Rutgers University-Georgetown University-Princeton University-Maternity Leave With No Pay-Apartheid-Classism-Tuskegee Airman-Media-White Centered-Poll Taxes-Literacy Test-Juneteenth-Critical Race Theory

I can go on, but I think my point is clear.  Through this all, you still sleep well at night, but I sure don’t. 

-No social justice without economic justice.

Published by jmajor09

Let’s see…Who am I? A Black man…A Black man in America. A Black man in America who has it all but still doesn’t have fundamental human rights and is viewed as less than. I am a Black man in America who always has to prove I have just as much or more than most people in this world. I am a Black man who is supposed to assimilate into society’s norms so I can be accepted by the masses. For the most part, the only issue is, I don’t care about being accepted by the standards America or the masses say I should have. Do you know the long history of America??? How America became the powerful country it is? This place has no right to set standards for me. I want to think outside of the box as much as possible regarding being a Black man from and in America. I know I’m highly blessed, but you will never hear me say I love a place I can not be comfortable in and wave a flag with so much blood of its Native people on it. (FYI When I say Native, I’m also referring to Black people who are American decedents slaves) What else? I was educated at one of the finest institutions of higher learning in this country…Morehouse College (only all-male HBCU in the USofA). Then I went to Rutgers University and received another piece of paper (degree). BTW Did you know Rutgers was established from money involving the slave trade? I’ll probably get another piece of paper (degree) at some point in my life, just not sure what and when I never liked school, but I do like how letters look after my last name every time I get a degree. What else? I was raised by two hard-working parents who stressed the importance of education and giving back to my people when I can. My parents migrated to the “Northern Promise Land” from the Jim Crow south when they were young children. My parents never allowed my race to be an excuse for why I can’t excel in life because so many Black people before them excelled with less. So much so, all three of their children have a Master’s degree from notable Universities. However, my parents would remind me I’m Black, and the rules are quite different for me. One of the biggest lessons my parents taught my sisters and me indirectly was you can be unapologetically Black and successful. We don’t need to change for anyone, you don’t need to impress anyone, and if we don’t like something, we should speak up! Speaking of speaking up…I love acting on the side. Acting takes me to another world and temporarily takes me away from the everyday craziness I deal with. Theater also led me to write my first play in 2019. The play was called Anytown USofA. The play was primarily about how institutional racism, colorism, and police brutality all interconnect with one another. I’ve never really been a writer outside of a classroom, but I am slowly learning writing, thinking, and acting will be the primary way I will educate the world and liberate Black people as much as I can while I’m still on this earth!!

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