Love Tesla but Hate Future

So, I find it funny that when we want something, even if we don’t need it, we can come up with excuses for days about why we should get it anyway. Even if what you want goes against your morals and/or your monetary contributions indirectly fund political parties, politicians, or wars that go against yourContinue reading “Love Tesla but Hate Future”

Nobody is Going to Save You: Save Yourself

So, it’s that time of the year when everyone wants to acknowledge Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday.  Unfortunately, that comes with the whitewashing of who this man truly was.  I recently saw some conservative group of people put up a flyer promoting an event that will acknowledge Dr. Martin Luther King and his work.  TheContinue reading “Nobody is Going to Save You: Save Yourself”

      Stop Arguing About Critical Race Theory Black People:

 Nobody is Stopping You from Teaching It For the past year, one of the most controversial topics trending in America has been Critical Race Theory.  What is this CRT that everyone is constantly having intense exchanges about whether it should be taught in schools?  In my opinion, CRT is nothing more than teaching everyone theContinue reading ”      Stop Arguing About Critical Race Theory Black People:”

You Sleep Well at Night

Lynching-Jim Crow-Chattel Slavery-Free Labor-Death-Small Pox-Tuskegee Experiment-Prison Industrial Complex-Sharecropping-Red Lining-White Flight-Block Busting-Segregation-Stolen Africans-Raped Black and Indigenous Women-Name Change-Middle Passage-Trail of Tears-Hiroshima-English-Spanish-Dutch-French-Amerika-KKK-Domestic Terrorism-Gentrification-CONTRA-War-Stolen Wealth-Religion Misunderstood-White Jesus-Missionaries-Mis-Education-Schools-Confederate Statues-Race Riots-Propaganda-Mass Media-Exploitation-AIDS-HIV-Crack-Great Migration-Church bombings-Separation of Black Children and Parents for Four Hundred Years-Legacy-Medical Racism-Slave Patrol-Police Brutality-Nazi-Martin Luther King Jr.-Medgar Evers-Malcom X-Nelson Mandela-Angela Davis-Che Guevara-Wall Street-Unapproved Loans for Qualified Black customers-HigherContinue reading “You Sleep Well at Night”

Everybody Loves Babysitting Black People

Specifically, Black Americans In America, shortly after slavery was over, the United States Government promised former slaves they would receive financial compensation for all their hard work for the past two centuries: in addition to making amends for chattel slavery.  As most of us know, former Black slaves in America were close to receiving reparationsContinue reading “Everybody Loves Babysitting Black People”

Black People Must Be Perfect

Part 1 For the most part, most non-Black people know Black people are not treated fairly. Some non-Black people like to deny that as much as possible, but I think, for the most part, everyone knows deep down inside Black people around the world are not treated fairly. So, with that being said, Black peopleContinue reading “Black People Must Be Perfect”